Ephesians 6:18 “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.
With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.”

Weekly Prayer Call

Join with others on a live, weekly prayer call on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. Share your prayer requests, or just listen and pray along. 
Have a prayer need that  you want shared with the Senior Pastor, the Prayer Team, or the church body?  Email your prayer requests to to specify your preference.

Prayer Wall- open to everyone

Let’s pray for each other. Submit a request by clicking on Create prayer request, to go the form to indicate your need and sharing preferences.
If you pray for a request on the wall, be sure to let that person know by clicking on the praying hands under the request.

Anonymous, September 19, 2021 - 6:58 pm

Anonymous, August 22, 2021 - 11:17 pm

Prayer for my son's wound to finally be healed. It has been 6 months and this hole hasn't closed. Going back to drs tomorrow after his last surgery, praying this is finally healed and done. He can go back to work and a life he has worked so hard at having. Thank you Jesus.

Anonymous, August 10, 2021 - 9:42 am

Hello saints! I’m in need of prayer! In the hospital due to extreme dizziness and nausea. Neurologist have not determined diagnosis. Prayer directing the drs and for complete healing! Thank you!!❤️

dena-antoinette chisholm, July 18, 2021 - 2:37 pm

cure, healing, relief from aches, ailments, pain; from both left & right knees, legs, limbs, lower back, & slow mobility;

Anonymous, July 1, 2021 - 7:27 pm

Please pray for healing for my friend who was assaulted and whose jaw was broken in multiple places.


September Prayer Calendar

1 –  Pray for our Capitol Campaign and our commitments to financially support our church’s ministry.  Action Item:  Give a sacrificial financial gift to Cresthill Church today!

2 – Pray for our church staff, their families, and their ministries. Action Item: Go to Meet Our Leadership Team, and send notes of encouragement and appreciation to our church staff.

3 – Fasting Friday (6am-6pm):  Pray for all recovery programs in our communities, their leaders and members.  Action Item: Pray for God to raise up ministers and birth ministries to provide care for all battling addictions.

4 –  Pray for our Deacons, their families and the families they care for.  Action Item:  Send a note of encouragement to your deacon.

5 – Communion Sunday:  Pray that today would be a day of repentance, and recommitment to radically love Jesus and radically love others.  Action Item: Follow through on your commitment by texting, phoning, or personally expressing love to at least one person today!

6 – Labor Day/Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset):  Pray for your place of business, your boss and co-workers.  Also pray for our Jewish friends that they would accept Jesus as their Messiah.  Action Item: Google “Rosh Hashanah” to learn more about this Jewish observance.

7 –  Pray for our Youth/Young Adults and their leaders. Action Item: Make a point of saying “Hello” to a youth or young adult in your neighborhood today.

8 –  Pray for the home school group who educates children in our Cresthill classrooms.  Action Item:  Go online to learn more about homeschooling so that you can pray in an informed manner.

9 – Pray for Boy Scout Troop 1283, our scouts, leaders, and parents. Action Item: Learn more here about the wonderful work of our Scout Troop 1283!

10 –  Fasting Friday (6am-6m):  Pray that all who call Cresthill “home” would recommit themselves today to Evangelism, discipleship, and missions – the three hooks of our mission statement.    Action Item:  Go to our website at, go to “about”, click “what we believe” to discover/review our core beliefs.

11 – Pray for our church’s outreach to families with special needs.  Action Item: Go to to learn more about The Gathering Place, Cresthill’s Special Needs church.

12 – Grandparents Day:  Pray for grandparents, here at Cresthill and around the world.  Action Item: If you can, Facebook a grandparent today, and let them know of your appreciation to their contribution to this world.

13 –  Pray for our Women’s, Men’s, Youth/Young Adult, and Children’s Ministries.  Action Item:  Go to to learn more about these exciting, vibrant ministries and how you can be part of them.

14 – Pray for our Building and Grounds Team and our Trustees.  Action Item: Go to and send Dan Bagnell, Building and Grounds Team Leader a note of encouragement.

15 –  Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) begins at sunset:   Pray for your Jewish friends and neighbors.  Action Item:  Go to  Chosen People Ministries  to learn more about their ministry to the Jewish people.

16 – Pray for our Security Team as they protect us and our campus.  Action Item: Send Bernie Moore a note of encouragement at

17 – Fasting Friday (6am-6pm): Pray for our missions pastors in Nicaragua and in India.  Action Item: If you are on Facebook, go to Opportunity Missions Ministries (our mission partners in Central America),  or the website of Building Hope Ministries (our mission partners in India).  Go to their Facebook pages to discover the wonderful work God is doing in Central America and India.

18 –  Pray for our outreach to our communities, communicating the love of God to every person we meet.  Action Item: Go Leadership Team, locate “Gene Meacham, Outreach Pastor”, read his bio and pray for him.

19 –  Pray for the Body of Christ in our sister churches in Bowie and around the world. Action Item:  As you drive through Bowie, and pass a church building, pray a prayer for their members and their ministry.

20 – Pray for Julia Amburgey, who will be serving in our Cresthill CentrePointe Counseling Center.  Action Item:  Go to to learn more about the Counseling ministry of CentrePointe.

21 – UN International Day of Peace:  Action Item: Pray today for “the peace of Jerusalem” as we are instructed to do in Psalm 122:6.

22 – First Day of Autumn:  As a new season begins, renew your commitment to Christ.  Action Item:  Help your neighbors rake their leaves this autumn.  “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:34)

23 –  Pray for our Welcome Center and Usher Ministries as they communicate God’s love through the Ministry of Hospitality.  Action Item:   This Sunday say “Hi!” to Kathy Ray, Welcome Center Director, and Tom Stephens, Usher Team Leader.

24 – Fasting Friday (6am-6pm): Pray for The Gathering Place, Pastor Tommy Rowe, his family, and his ministry.  Action Item:  Go to The Gathering Place page on Facebook to discover the life-changing love being expressed to persons with disabilities.

25 – Pray for our mid-week ministries.  Action Item: Go to online study opportunities, select a study and begin!

26 –  Pray for schools, teachers, students, administrators, etc.  Action Item:  If you can, encourage a teacher today!

27 –  Pray for our Children’s Corner Ministry, and Jennifer Conde the Children’s Ministry Leader.  Action Item: Go to our Children’s Corner and discover the wonderful work of our church’s Children’s Ministry!

28 –  Pray for all essential workers caring for COVID-19 patients.    Action Item:  If you have not already done so, and are able, please get vaccinated today!

29 – Pray for our Missions Team Ministry, Greg Turner, Leader.  Action Item: Go to our giving page and give a gift of any size to help us reach the world for Jesus.

30 –  Pray for all Government workers and their families.  Action Item: Go to to learn more about some of the issues facing U.S. Government Employees.