July Prayer Calendar

1 – Canada Day: Pray for NAMB (North American Mission Board) mission work in Canada, and for the Canadian Baptist Seminary (on-line seminary affiliated with Our Learning Center) as they prepare people to plant churches! Action Item: Go to                              Canadianbaptistseminary.com “Contact us”, and send them an email of encouragement!

2 – Pray for the church planting leaders of the BCM/D (Baptist   Convention of Maryland/Delaware):  Michael Crawford, BCM/D State Director of Missions. Action Item: Send Michael Crawford a note of encouragement at MCrawfard@bcmd.org!

3 – Fasting Friday (6am-6pm) – Pray for Pastor Tommy Rowe (Church Planter, The Gathering Place).  Pray for God to raise up  additional planters and church plants from Cresthill.                      Action Item: Send Tommy an encouraging email at                                  TheGatheringPlaceMD@gmail.com

4Independence Day – Thank God for America, and pray that God would bless America as Americans bless God with lives that honor Him and bless our fellows Americans and our world. Action Item: Ask God to show you how you can personally bless someone today!

5Communion Sunday  Pray for Church Planters and Church Plants here in North America and around the globe, as we reach our world for Christ. Action Item: Pray for God to raise both Cresthill’s next church plant and church planter!

6 – Pray for Margot Painter (you know, Pastor Jimmy’s way better half!) BCM/D Church Planting Coordinator. Action Item: Send  Margot a note of encouragement at mpainter@bcmd.org.

7 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planting Catalysts, Rolando Castro, James Choi, and Dan Hyun. Action Item: Send emails of  encouragement to Rolando, James and Dan: rcastro@bcmd.org, jchoi@bcmd.org, and dhyun@bcmd.org.

8 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Adewale Ajimatanareje.  Action Item: Encourage Adewale at  walemayuu@yahoo.com.

9 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Jorge Altieri.  Action Item:  Encourage Jorge at altieri78@hotmail.com.

10 – Fasting Friday (6am-6pm) – Pray for new churches to be   planted in Central America and in India under the leadership of our Missions Pastors, Pastor Diomedes, and Pastor Daniel. Action Item: Send a donation to OMM (Diomedes) and/or BHM (Daniel) today!

11 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Jeff Belcher.  Action Item:   Encouarge Jeff at jeffb@churchoftheharbor.org.

12 –  Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Ryan Blaylock.  Action Item:  Encourage Ryan at ryan@elementchurchlaurel.com.

13 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Charlie Brown.  Action Item: Encourage Charlie at ebgraffiti@outlook.com.

14 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Howard Brown.  Action Item: Encourage Howard at hcbrown74@gmail.com.

15 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Kyle Carlson.  Action Item: Encourage Kyle at kmcarlson@gmail.com.

16 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Eli Choi.   Action Item:  Encourge Eli at eli@homechurchmd.org.

17 – Fasting Friday (6am-6pm) – Ask God today if He is leading you to start a small group in your home/at your job/here at church.  Ask God if He is leading you to plant a church or partner with a new church plant.  Action Item: Pray this prayer for the next 7 days, journaling what God tells you.

18 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Nehemiah Cole.  Action Item: Encourage Nehemiah at agapepraise21@gmail.com.

19 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Samuel Fianko – Ofori.   Action Item: Encourage Samuel at stfianko@yahoo.com.

20 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Phil Gifford.  Action Item: Encourage Phil at gpgifford@mac.com.

21 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Andy Greenfield.   Action Item: Encourage Andy at robertandygreenfield@gmail.com.

22 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter George Hopkins.  Action Item: Encourage George at ghopkins@gallerychurchbaltimore.com.

23 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Jay Jones.  Action Item: Encourage Jay at jones.joseph1987@gmail.com.

24 – Fasting Friday (6am-6pm) – Pray for God to lead churches to plant special needs churches in the way Cresthill has planted The Gathering place.  Action Item: Make a donation today to “The Gathering Place”.

25 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter John Joseph.  Action Item: Encourage John at john@cheverlybaptist.org.

26– Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Boniface Kanani.   Action Item:  Encourage Boniface at bornkanani@yahoo.com.

27– Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Jin Kim.  Action Item: Encourage Jin at jinkwang@gmail.com.

28 – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Wayne Lee.   Action Item: Encourge Wayne at pastorlee@christianlibertychurch.org.

29– Pray for BCM/D Church Planter CJ Matthews.   Action Item: Encourage CJ at cj@bethanycolumbia.org.

30– Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Drue Matthews.   Action Item: Encourage Drue at drue@lifehousede.com.

31Fasting Friday (6am-6pm) – Pray for BCM/D Church Planter Charlie Mitchell.  Action Item: Encourage Charlie at  pastorcharlie@epiphanybmore.com.


How can we pray for you?  Email your prayer requests to prayer@cresthill.org.In your email, please indicate whether you want the request to just go to the Senior Pastor, the Prayer Team, or the church body.
During this time of social distancing, you may find that you have a need for help with things like picking up a prescription or a few grocery items. Email your need to the church, and it will be sent out to the deacons (church members have deacons and should communicate with them directly) and the church body, and we will work with you to help. Use prayer@cresthill.org.