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NOW INTRODUCING: Bible Time for Children, hosted on our Facebook wall (click to go there). We’re going live every Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m., for the next 8 weeks. Parents and children of all ages-you’re invited to a brief time to gather to hear from God’s Word. It may be a story, a devotional time, prayer time, etc. We’ll mix it up. But what will be constant is that you can allow us to partner with you in continuing to share the truths of the Bible. Take 5 minutes out of your day to join in!


Children’s Corner
 Bible Study Resources

A note to parents: This is your resource page to find Sunday morning Bible studies that you can do with your children, and daily devotionals that you may use at anytime by clicking on the titles. This is one way we want to partner with you in continuing your child’s spiritual growth. We pray that this helps you. Please direct questions or comments to childrensed@gmail.com




April 5 Lesson: The Triumphal Entry
Watch the video


Devotionals for Daily Use

Genesis 3 The Fall of Man: Things Fall Apart
This devotional focuses on Adam and Eve as we witness the moment sin entered creation. This is a powerful story that teaches us about sin, holiness, and the grace of God!
Today we are looking at at the amazing story of Abraham and Isaac. This devotional explores the Genesis 22 story of a father, a son, and their sacrifice. It may be one of the best pictures of the cross found in the Old Testament!
Today’s story follows the incredible life of Joseph. This devotional takes a big-picture look at Genesis 37-50 and watches a young man go from a pit, to a prison, to the second in command of all of Egypt!
Today’s story takes us into the book of Exodus as we follow the life of Moses. In this Exodus 3 devotional Moses has an encounter with God that changes his destiny and the destiny of his people!
Today’s story continues our journey in the book of Exodus. This is a story of judgement and wrath. But it is also a story of God’s incredible desire and power to set his people free.
Today concludes our journey in the book of Exodus. The Red Sea crossing is one of the most epic stories of salvation and deliverance in all of the Bible. It shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our God is mighty to save!


Please check this page regularly as it will be updated as decisions are made based on recommendations and mandates by Local and Federal Government.

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3/19/2020 Message from our Senior Pastor

Due to the restriction of no more than 10 people at a gathering, we regretfully must not hold Bible study or worship services in our buildings. We are working on a plan to move to online and phone-based delivery of study and worship opportunities.  We will be in touch with church members via deacons, church-wide email, and texts. This page will be updated with more information about how we will proceed. We will NOT close with no resources to worship and study the Word of God. 

3/18/2020 Message for Bible Study Teachers

BIBLE STUDY TEACHERS ONLY: Please put Sunday afternoon on your calendar. We need to meet and talk about Bible study and worship going forward as we navigate this temporary new normal. If you come to the building, we will gather in the Worship Center following the 10:30 service. If not, please call our phone conference number so that you can listen in. Please email youth@cresthill.org for the phone number if you are a teacher and didn’t get the email that was sent today.


3/16/2020 Message from our Senior Pastor and Church Staff (evening)

Until further notice, all Wednesday night activities have been canceled.  However…

If you are able and healthy, come this Wednesday night (March 18) 6-8 to a “Kill the Coronavirus Party” to help sanitize the church.    Cleaning materials and gloves will be provided.  You might want to bring safety goggles/glasses.  Soda and pizza will be provided for those who show up to help. 

PB&J Ministry has been canceled until further notice.  (So Others Might Eat have had to temporarily close down operations because of the virus.)

Christian Women’s Fellowship meeting on Saturday morning the 21st has been canceled.

Building Hope Ministries’ Prayer and Praise Service scheduled for the 21st has also been canceled.

BCMD has canceled the Special Needs conference for March 28th.    

Please consider giving online at this link, so that we may honor our Biblical responsibility to tithe. Otherwise, you may send in your tithes and offerings to the church through your bank or by mail.



3/16/2020 Message from our Senior Pastor (morning)

All Wednesday night activities at the church have been postponed until further notice. We will keep you updated as to any changes.

View a Video Update  about from Pastor Jimmy


3/13/2020 Message from our Senior Pastor:

Steps have been and continue to be taken to sanitize our facilities in accordance with CDC recommendations. Outside groups have canceled their activities in our buildings, helping to minimize exposure.
Anyone who is in a compromised health situation or who is sick should stay home. Elements of our worship have been adjusted to minimize exposure, such as changing or limiting our physical contact as we greet one another, moving communion from a corporate worship experience to a home experience, which I will provide instructions on at another time, that if one prefers to do so, you can worship from home via our public live-streaming on Facebook, and/or recorded messages here on our site.  No, it is not church as usual-it is the Church being the Church during this dark and difficult time, reflecting the light of Jesus to a button, worried world.
This is our current course of action. If the spread of the contagion increases in our communities we will certainly take the appropriate steps related to canceling our services, while providing opportunities for worship through the aforementioned sites.


We too are monitoring the situation, and encourage you to first let your faith be bigger than your fear.  We encourage you to use precautionary measures, and are partnering with you to that end as you come to worship. We also are streaming the sermon live at the 10:30 service on our Facebook page. This link is public, and doesn’t require a Facebook account. You can link to it from here:  https://www.facebook.com/cresthillchurch
If you are sick, please join us online!  For more information,  here’s a link to an article provided by our local convention.


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