Vision 2018:  The Year of Awesome Outreach –Connecting People to Jesus

Mission – Communicate the message of Jesus every way possible

Result – 100 Baptized Believers serving at Cresthill Church


How are we going to accomplish this?

  1. Invite Strategy – Each One reach One; every person invites one person every week
  2. Connect with People Any Way and Every Way – Use social media, cards, emails, text message, phone calls, home visits, business cards, smoke signals
  3. Accountability – “The only way we succeed as a group is not simply following directions, but in keeping each other accountable for our actions.” ― A.J. Darkholme
    • Small Group/Bible Study group reporting
    • Accountability partners
    • Accountability Phone App
  4. Modeling by Cresthill Leadership – Do what I do, not just what I say
  5. Host Exciting, Unique Opportunities – in addition to worship, provide value opportunities so the people want to come when invited
    • Guest Speakers
    • Seminars
    • Sunday Series
    • Wednesday night “JIM Talks”
    • Musical Programs
    • Community Interest Events