Cresthill Leadership Institute (CLI)

What is the Cresthill Leadership Institute (CLI)?
Would you like to go deeper and mature in your faith journey?  Would you like to grow in your knowledge and skills for leadership?  Do you desire further education for leadership in the church, but seminary is not possible or the path you wish to take?  Then the Cresthill Leadership Institute was designed for you.  Cresthill is a growing ministry that needs committed Christians ready to be equipped and enriched for ministry in our church, community and associations.  It is for any Cresthill Leader wanting to deepen their discipleship journey, develop their gifts and skills, and/or dedicate their lives to serving Christ, the church, and the world.


What is the purpose of CLI?

CLI was established in partnership with, and supported by, the Canadian National Baptist Convention. Our goal in offering our leaders this experience is to provide quality instruction for leaders desiring to:

  • Deepen their walk with Christ.
  • Develop tools for effective leadership.
  • Experience the process of multiplication through the acquiring of skills necessary for church starting and/or church and pastoral ministry.


Who gets to participate in CLI?

You will be given the opportunity to enroll if you have sensed God’s call to any or all of the following:

  • serve in a leadership position in our church–Officer, Deacon, Bible Study Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Ministry Leader, Youth Ministry Volunteer, etc.
  • support our pastor in ministry
  • serve as a pastor, bi-vocational pastor, church planter or any number of church staff/community ministries


How is the training delivered?

We recognize that time is the commodity of the 21st century, and that is why we have chosen to leverage the opportunity for online learning and offer classes that will fit into your schedule. Following the completion of your online training experience, using a blended learning approach, you will be guided by facilitators and mentors who will help you take what you are learning and provide opportunities for you to put it into practice right now. Just on time training.


How much does it cost?

Who says nothing in life is free? Our goal has been to eliminate all barriers to accessing this training experience. Our partners are providing instructors and bandwidth at no cost to the student. The only costs to you will be the actual costs of your textbooks.


When do we meet?

The class participants will meet on the Wednesday following the end of class to walk through a debrief and practical application of your learning experience. Your CLI Ministry Leader is Raymond Green, who has oversight for mentoring students through the Leadership Institute. He is also your primary point of contact and can be reached by email:


What if I complete the program early?

At some point in the future, we’ll open up more training programs, often referred to as electives, to engage students who move at a slightly faster pace than others. Until then, we’d like to grow and develop as a church unit and ensure that the program meets with our expectations and yours.


Will the courses be accredited?

The courses are accredited by the Canadian National Baptist Convention (CNBC), but they are not accredited by academic accrediting agencies (i.e. ATS, ABUE). Each student will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each cycle and will also receive an E-QuipU Diploma from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary upon completion of all required courses for a program.


How do I enroll?

Complete the enrollment application found here. If accepted, you’ll receive your registration link and instructions from your CLI Leader, Ray Green. Enrollment periods typically occur the two weeks prior to the start of a new class.  You must complete the course between the open and close date or wait until the next time it is offered. 


What are the rules of engagement?

  • Students must attend all classes in each course offered, and the course debrief in order to receive their certificate of completion from the church.
  • There are typically about eight sessions per class – each class lasting last anywhere from 30-60 minutes each, so plan your time accordingly.
  • Classes may be taken any time of the day or night to meet your schedule and are available 24/7.


Is there Homework?

There might be homework, and often there are assignments you can download. Homework will be checked by your facilitator during the debrief.  There are no tests or exams, but there are reviews at the end of each course.


What are the training classes being offered?









How God Shapes Church Leaders


Terry Walling & Bert Ross






Wright, Ross, Anthony




Small Group Ministry for Church Leaders

Gjurgevich, Millwood, Pajak, Baker, Howerton




Sunday School Training

Various Presenters




Basic Leadership

Gerry Taillon




The Health and Wellness of the Church

Randy Millwood




Leadership Greatness

Ross, Henry, Shelton




Building and Empowering Teams

Ross and Smith




Community Outreach





Starting and Finishing Well

Roebbelen, Shelton, Blackaby




Leadership Pitfalls

Jeff Iorg, Bob Shelton





Is this mandatory for Cresthill Leaders?

CLI is not mandatory for those serving in leadership at Cresthill, but it is both highly recommended and greatly encouraged. We serve a God who gave and gives us His very best, and calls us to serve Him with excellence. We do that when we are properly equipped for service, and that is why all of our leaders need to be enrolled in CLI.


Do I need to take all the courses listed above?

We recognize that some of you may have taken similar or related courses in the past at other institutions and wish to skip a course you believe to be similar. In those situations, please present your Leadership Director with a copy of your certificate of completion and course description so that consideration can be given to your prior training and experience.

 If you are granted a “pass” to skip a particular topic, you may still be required to participate in the related course debrief with fellow students. We believe that this will foster improved relationships and ensure we remain on one accord in our development and direction of the church.

 Remember, while your development is individual, your ultimate goal is to serve under the vision of our ministry. This requires us to be in one accord, and your participation will ensure that all areas of our ministry are receiving the same messages.
Complete the enrollment application HERE.