Hi, my name is Jim (actually Jimmy).

Starting Wednesday, January 3rd, I will be leading what I pray are thought provoking conversations – JIM Talks, that will inform, inspire, illuminate and motivate.  And if you are wondering about the logo, a dumbbell and muscled arm, these remind us that just as we train our bodies, we are to train our mind and build spiritual muscles.

Every Wednesday I will be leading these talks (JIM Talks) in our Fellowship Hall.  They will be 30 minutes in length (yes, with a clock and a timer), sometimes shorter, depending on the subject, so that our regular Wednesday night groups can attend if they want, and then go back and talk about the topic for that particular JIM Talk if they wish.  Others, who are not a part of our Men’s Group, Queen’s Class (Ladies Group), or Youth/Young Adults, who wish to stay in our Fellowship Hall, can pose questions, offer insights or break into groups to talk.

While JIM Talks are named after me, Jim, I will not be leading all of them.  Each month guest speakers will also be leading Wednesday night JIM Talks.  JIM Talks will provide opportunities for you to invite your friends/family/co-workers/neighbors to a teaching time at Cresthill, other than Sundays (which often don’t work for everyone).

JIM Talks!  I’m Jim—See you Wednesdays in 2018!


JIM Talk Wednesday, April 4, Pastor Jimmy facilitator:  “Hell: What it IS, What it’s LIKE, and What you need to do to STAY OUT OF IT!”